In the spirit of the Medieval innovators, Stevens & Associates, a law firm based in downtown Chicago, presents the Trebuchet Project, a program to provide mentoring and legal assistance to select Startups at waived or reduced fees and costs. We understand that Startups, and the businesses into which they evolve, are the driving engines of our affected economy. Our goal is to work with you, the entrepreneur, to give you a structured boost whether you are bootstrapping a business from the ground up or if you are in the process of securing capital investments.

Startup-Trebuchet Entrepreneurs’ Clinics
In-depth, day-long, small working groups exploring the challenges of launching and maintaining a business venture.

Our firm was a startup. In a manner, it still is. We innovate our own business everyday as we strive to better our clients environment. Those experiences and skills are continuously honed with over 30 years of collective experience representing entrepreneurs and their businesses.

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